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Joy’s Speaker Services

Available Services . . .

Guest Speaking

In addition to the training services she has provided during the past decade, Joy Medved, founding owner of The Joy of Motorcycling® has fulfilled hundreds of requests to speak at both large and small events, including: meetings, bike nights, rallies, expos, conferences, and other events.

Joy’s Guest Speaking service can be either educational or motivational, and is always insightful and entertaining.

Joy especially loves the opportunity to be an encouraging role model for other women riders.

Motorcycle Pick-Up Demonstrations

One of our most requested speaker services is Joy’s hands-on Motorcycle Pick-Up Demonstration, during which Joy encourages members of the audience to come up and learn how easy it is to pick up a motorcycle.

As Joy tells it, “I especially love seeing the excitement and confidence women gain after picking up a motorcycle that weighs almost 1,000 pounds. It is very liberating for women to know they can pick up their own motorcycle if they need to. ”

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Please note:

While we typically do not charge for our Speaker Services, a stipend to cover the cost of travel may be requested.

Educational Clinics

The Joy of Motorcycling’s® Educational Clinics are a perfect addition to any motorcycling event. Clinics range from 30 to 60 minutes in length and typically cover one or two aspects of a major training topic. Topics can be chosen from any of our current or past training seminars. Joy is often asked to combine Guest Speaking with a Motorcycle Pick-Up Demonstration and one or two Educational Clinics for a single event.

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