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About Joy

Joy Medved, founding owner of The Joy of Motorcycling®, is an avid motorcycling advocate with a true passion for riding. Since she began riding in 1988, Joy has covered more than 400,000 miles in an attempt to fulfill her dream of riding through all the US National Parks.

In addition to riding for pleasure, Joy has also competed in numerous skills competitions, been a member of a precision motorcycle drill team, and worked as a professional motorcycle escort officer.

Joy’s motorcycle training background includes teaching novice and experienced riding courses, providing one-on-one motorcycle mentoring, developing the country’s first motorcycle traffic violator school, and developing and teaching how-to seminars and clinics on a variety of motorcycling topics.

The idea to start a motorcycle education company was conceived during Joy’s nine-month recovery from a hit-and-run motorcycle crash in 2000. Unable to work, Joy spent her time researching everything she could find about motorcycle and traffic safety. Joy’s research revealed two very important issues. First, motorcycle fatalities were continuing to increase and were at an all-time high. Second, existing riding courses were teaching only a small fraction of the information riders really needed to successfully manage motorcycling hazards.

As a result of her research and her desire to help reduce motorcycle fatalities, Joy envisioned opening her own classroom-based training school that would pick up where traditional riding schools left off. Business plan in hand, Joy went on to develop the first licensed motorcycle traffic violator school in the country. Although the economy forced Joy to close the traffic school the end of 2006, she continues to develop and teach seminars and clinics for the motorcycling community.

In addition to her Training Seminars, Joy regularly fulfills requests for Guest Speaking and Motorcycle Pick-Up Demonstrations. Joy has enjoyed the privilege of speaking at hundreds of events to thousands of riders. One of Joy’s most requested services is her Motorcycle Pick-Up Demonstration, during which she invites members of the audience to learn how to pick up her GL1800 Goldwing, which weighs almost 1,000 pounds – this demo always draws a huge crowd!

Joy’s most recent adventure includes writing a series of how-to motorcycling books that incorporate much of the course material she has developed during the past 12 years.

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